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Gender Equality

NLC Gender Equality

Efforts are on to deconstruct the patriarchal values and modes of work, which evolved with the trade union movement. Now, there are Women Commissions in the Congress and the state councils and affiliates. Moreover, in the last two decades, women’s wing activities have expanded dramatically, especially in the area of education, internal agitation for reforms and advocacy. In what the NLC called a “New Beginning” after regaining its independence from the military in 1999 the NLC, therefore, began the process of developing a gender policy and creating a gender unit in 2002. In addition Gender Equity Policy was adopted at its 8th Delegates Conference, the highest policy making organ of the NLC in February 2003. The policy is meant to permeate all actions of Congress as well as affiliates as captured in the gender clause.

To further demonstrate its commitment to mainstream women in its activities and also ensure their active participation at all level, the NLC inaugurated its National Women Commission at a Gender Conference in September 2003. As part of its affirmative action to increase women participation in decision making at the highest level, the Chairperson of National Women Commission is an automatic Vice President of the NLC and a member of all the decision making organs of the NLC. The Deputy Chairperson is also a member of the Central Working Committee and the National Executive Council of the NLC at the National level.