Our Core Values

Congress shall adopt and inculcate in
all its officers and members a set of core values.  These values shall be:

• Honesty – being truthful with union
members and workers at all times;

• Accountability – conducting the
business of the union with integrity based on a sense of responsibility and
being answerable to the membership;

• Justice – ensuring fairness in the
treatment of all issues and people irrespective of gender, religion and
ethnicity of those involved;

Class consciousness – being aware of and being motivated by the need to defend,
protect and enhance the historical and current interests of workers as members
of the working class;

• Courage – confidence and boldness in
pursuing the interests and agenda for the union;

• Commitment to labour principles;

• Democracy – recognizing and respecting
the rights of the members as the owners of the union and whose interests and
needs shall provide the basis of all union action; including the right to
elect, recall or remove any officer in the service of the union