1ST OF JUNE, 2023


Congress President, Comrade Joe Ajaero with the Miyetti Allah Peace Initiative Delegation.

Nigerians from all works of life including Civil Society Organisations have continued to visit the Headquarters of the NLC to show solidarity to the Congress and support its position against the Petroleum Products Price hike by the federal government and to demand that necessary action be taken with their support to ensure that the federal government reverses the decision to withdraw Petroleum subsidy.

A surprising delegation from Northern Women Assembly (NOWA) led by its national President; Alhaja Aisha Hassaini came visiting. They expressed dissatisfaction with the hardship and increased suffering which the petroleum price hike has foisted on their members across the North and urged the NLC to immediately take steps to get the Government to revert to the old pump price. The Women insisted on mobilizing their members towards any action that may become necessary to make sure that the government does the right thing for Nigerian women stating that women bear the greatest brunt of every bad policy of the Government.

Another group that visited was the Miyetti Allah Peace Initiative led by its National President. Honourable Yusuf Musa Ardo. He brought a petition from members of his Association demanding the protection of the NLC against antipoor policies of the government. They lamented the huge burden which the petroleum price hike has already foisted on their members and are fearful of what the future portends if this is allowed to stand.

The NLC assured them including those that have visited the Congress since Tuesday the 30th of May, 2023 of our continued commitment to take all necessary actions within the ambits of the law to protect the interest of Nigerian workers and masses no matter the quantum of opposition. We called for patience and continued unity so that we can present a common front against all forms of oppression.

It has therefore become important that we inform the federal government of the expanding and deepening anger amongst the populace which is increasingly building a coalition of the suffering and deprived that may lead to a conflagration of unexpected dimension if nothing is immediately done to assuage this snowballing feeling of angst.

We advise the Government to quickly revert to the old Pump price since provision was made to cater for subsidy in the current budget to cover this period. Government cannot continue to break its own law and expect the citizenry to be law abiding because the 2023 budget is an appropriation Act of the National Assembly.

Any act of impunity encourages lawlessness and leads to serious breach of trust and reduces citizenship belief in leadership. These are basic ingredients needed by the Government to govern which it seems to be in a hurry to defile. Citizens connect is critical for the survival of any Government. The ongoing dialogue with the government may be imperiled if the insistence continues especially when there it seems that there is a clear, deliberate and willful breach of the Law by those who are supposed to be its custodians.

As the pressure continues to mount from the outcry of the citizenry for a quick mitigation of the increasing hardship which this has become for Nigerians, we are worried that patience may run thin and may snap leading to actions that may no longer be controlled. We therefore call on the Government to obey the 2023 Appropriation Act and call the NNPCL to order.

Encouraging Local refining of our crude to meet domestic demands is the surest way to resolve the subsidy impasse and stave off its negative consequences on the nation. Insisting on the devil’s Pricing template of the NNPCL which is import driven will never work for Nigeria and we will not accept it. We will not allow Government foist the consequences of its incompetence and refusal to govern on Nigerian workers and people.

Kill the waste, corruption and incompetence in the subsidy regime but do not kill the people by increasing product prices in the guise of withdrawing the subsidy remains our advice.

As we go into the Joint CWC/NEC meeting of both Congresses tomorrow to
further discuss this unfortunate Price hike, we urge all Nigerians to be prepared.
The will of the people must prevail!

Comrade Joe Ajaero President


Congress President Joe Ajaero with the Northern Women Assembly (NOWA) Delegation