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Press Statement

Democracy Is Best Option For Us Inspite of the Challenges

We would want to join the government and people of Nigeria in commemorating our democracy day.

For us, our democracy day represents a statement of intent, irrevocable decision and irretraceable step in our match to freedom from military rule and dictatorship.

In the course of the struggle, many lives were lost, and unquantifiable investments detroyed accompanied by major social upheavals and displacements.

Nigerians were not deterred as they were united by a common resolve and destiny.

Today, we once again celebrate the heroes and heroines as well as martyrs of that struggle, especially Chief MKO Abiola who gave his all.

We commend Nigerians for their resilience, faith and belief in themselves.

We commend in particular the Nigerian workers who played not only a significant role in the decolonisation process but a leading one in the pro-democracy struggle through various phases of military dictatorship.

Although the practice of democracy in our country may have fallen beyond the expectations of not a few, we take solace in the fact that we have freedom of speech and association and we elect our leaders fairly even though not perfectly.

In spite of the imperfections of our democracy, it remains the best option for us in electing our leaders.

In light of this, the task before us as a people and as a nation is to strive towards perfecting our democracy, especially in critical areas such as transparent and credible elections, accountable governance and citizen participation.

It is on this note that we at the Nigeria Labour Congress wish you enduring celebration.

Comrade (Prince) Adewale Adeyanju
Acting President

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