Press Statement


The death of Jesus Christ on the Cross marked by commemoration of Easter offers us all a chance for deep reflection on the virtues of the greatest love and sacrifice and of undying hope.

In light of this, we urge Nigerian workers, indeed all Nigerians to imbibe the virtues of Easter through manifestation of the spirit of love through forgiveness, sacrifice, hope and sincerity.

We similarly urge Nigerian leaders at various levels of leadership who brought upon us this level of pain, privation and acrimony to not treat these virtues as platitudes but core values for healing, rebuilding, and repositioning of the country.

It is important to note that Jesus died a painful death on the cross not pleasing the establishment of the day but challenging it to do the right thing.

In like manner, we at the Nigeria Labour Congress owe it not only a moral obligation to continually remind the government of its duties and obligations to the people, we will sensitise the people to their rights.

We shall resist any attempt to criminalise our hard-earned right to peaceful protest against the ills perpetrated by operators of the Nigeria state.

In the spirit of Easter, and in line with our protest tradition, we make bold to state that we have the capacity and the will to protest peacefully against wrongs by government when necessary. We similarly urge all Nigerians to protest within the ambit of the law when they feel short-changed.

Finally, we urge the Christian faithful and their neighbours to celebrate the Easter in peace.

Joseph Ajaero